Today's New Human Race

Written By David E. Young , 2004
Time is lost. Time is gone.
Where is it going to?
I am young. I am strong.
Is time escaping you?

I'm told there was a time
When, with a single job,
One could act'lly support
A fam'ly with that job.

But today, things have changed,
And rent is half my income.
Working fourteen plus hours
Won't support a bum.

Up at three, home at eight,
With berely enough food,
With no retirement in sight
Or nestegg for the mood.

Hoping I won't get sick
And lose my rental space.
No hopes to own a home
Or take vacation days.

And so, time and years pass
Without a change of pace;
Nothing built, nothing gained,
Today's new human race.

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