The Tiger Attack

Written By David E. Young , 2008
Christmas at the zoo
Should be lots of fun!
Elephants and bears
And a hot dog bun.

But some naughty teens
Paid the final price.
And San Francisco’s zoo
Will build a fence up twice.

The tigers were quite grumpy
In their little pen.
The keeper was away
When the kids began

To taunt the huge old cats,
Laughing at their stripes.
They yelled some dirty things
Through delinquent pipes.

The fence was tall, it’s true,
But not quite tall enough.
Although the pond was wide,
It wasn’t wide enough.

As the teens walked on,
They thought that they were funny.
A tiger in her anger
Thought they’d taste like honey.

They went to the café
Where the monkeys played
And talked of all the silly
Jokes that they had made.

The tiger backed up far.
With her greatest leap,
Passed pond and fence by far
Into the crowded heap.

She ignored the crowd of people,
Screaming as they ran.
Her interest was clear;
Three teens, not quite yet man.

She found them fairly quick,
Where they ate and talked.
She wasted not a moment,
As they at her balked.

Making it short business,
She leapt to eat their flesh!
Police were quickly called
To stop the monster’s festish.

The tiger then turned on
Those who had guns ready,
And they did not take chances,
All now holding steady,

They filled her full of holes
Until she moved no more.
But it was too late
For one and maybe more.

One boy dead, two injured,
Was the final toll.
And now who was to blame
For scenes so horrible?

Upon investigation,
It was soon found out
The fence was four feet short
Of regs by government.

The zoo had thought the pond
Was wide enough to keep
The tigers from clearing
The fence in just one leap.

Now the zoo will have to pay,
But not so dearly as
The boys the tiger mauled,
And their families

The tiger now is dead.
And so is one young boy.
And sorrow now does reign
Instead of Christmas joy.

Let this be a lesson
To teens around the world:
Don’t make fun of others,
Or rage you’ll have unfurled.

A fence is not enough
To quell an anger true,
So don’t make fun of others,
The victim may be you.

the Tiger Attack © 2008 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.