The Days Of Winter Season

Written By David E. Young , 2001
I feel a chill in the wind
Winter must be coming.
That cold bite of frost
Is actually quite becoming.

That crisp, cool winter air
Brings to me a smile.
I really don't know why,
But is seems so free of guille.

Something about a clear,
Crisp frosty morning
Makes me feel brand new,
With innocence adorning.

People go about
Their various busy lives,
Walking a little lighter
With those crisp quick-stepping vibes.

An unspoken joy is felt;
The thoughts of Winter fun,
Of Christmas, and warm fires
In the weeks to come,

Of feasts and family gatherings,
A year to start anew,
Of memories all lost
And future ones in view.

A skip, a jump, a song
For no real visual reason,
But for the cool, crisp air
Of the days of Winter season!

The Days Of Winter Season © 2001 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.