The Colors Of The World

Written By David E. Young , 2001
The world is full
Of so much beauty
It thrives on unique

All creatures exist
Both great and small
Totally apart
And different than all

And yet still with this
They need each other
They cannot live
Without each other

Green plants, blue plants
White plants, red
Brown cows, white cows, 
Black cows tread

Spotted cats, monotone,
Striped cats, plain
All so different
And yet the same

Even the dirt 
Is diversified
Look at it closely
For it's a good guide

You see, man is made
Of that dirt right there
Its texture and feel
And even its color

White dirt, red dirt
Yellow and brown
Black dirt, orange and
Beige can be found

Look at yourself,
What dirt are you,
With all that water
And soul within you?

Yes, my friends
We are nothing but
Walking hunks of
Diversified mud

So next time you see
Soft wavy hair
Remember that soft
Sands make that hair.

Or when you see rough
Dark leathered skin
A person to hard
Stones is akin

All mixed and matched 
To create a great being
A being known as man,
A tall, proud dirtling

For when the sands mix
They make one great earth
Made by the One
Who knew all their worth

So when you think that
You are better
Or need to be separate
And make race a matter

Remember one thing,
Walking piles of dirt,
Who carry so much pride
That with hate you flirt;

If you judge another,
Blue eyes, blond hair, brown,
For such as can't be helped
You'll surely cause a frown.

God did not make
Man to say, "I'm better"
To his fellow man
Because of race and color

But to show our love
As God has shown to us
To all who he created;
Embrace without a fuss.

It says in First John four
Verses seven and eight
In the Holy Scriptures
Why we should not hate

It says that one who loves
Knows God and God is Love
But one who does not love
Does not know God above

God made us to
Be fruitful and multiply
Not to judge each other
By traits we can't deny.

I don't know about You,
My good friend, but
I come from a long line
Of humans.  I'm a mutt.

All humans go back
To Noah on the Ark
So we are all distant
Cousins from ages dark.

So when you think 
That someone is different
Because they're not your
Race, your vision's bent.

Instead of looking at
The cousin of yours before you
You look at your fear
And face it through and through

And then real soon you'll find
We all love to laugh
We all love to dream and
Want our kids to have a blast.

All humans love to share
And have companions close
We all want to find
A love to hold real close

Our blood is red all over
Our eyes catch all around
Our muscles need to exorcise
We don't like seeing frowns.

We are all one race,
A people made of dirt
And if we see the truth
Then we can end our hurt

Brown skin, white skin
Red skin, yellow
Embrace mankind,
Each one's your fellow.

The Colors Of The World © 2001 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.