The Burden Knowledge Bares

Written By David E. Young , 2014
  There is a profession
Which is as difficult
As any laborious
Job from which you might bolt.

Its cargo is heavy
As any you may find;
Yet its ends are unplumbed,
Its finish quite a bind.

Those who are called to it
And try to turn their rear,
Sheathing their true talents
In a scabbard of fear -

Alumnus - soon return
To add a ligament;
Framing a new product
Which is recombinant.

And when comes the readout,
They want some phthalimide.
They feel they overstay,
Both humbled and in pride.

Constant second-guessing
Is common in this field;
For you change the whole world
With these tools which you wield.

Yet when a job’s complete,
It lasts through history;
Long after the worker
Has gone to meet glory.

For better or for worse,
truly terrifying.
Yet so necessary
‘cause the world is dying.

What’s this heavy labor
That thrills as well as scares?
‘Writing’ is the answer;
The burden knowledge bares
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