If Only

Written By David E. Young, 1997
(M/F Duet)

Verse 1:
If only I had foreseen what happened,
Then maybe I could have changed my mind.
But then I was blind.
I must leave him behind.
I can’t forget how he was so kind.

Verse 2:
If only I wasn’t so demanding,
Then maybe she would be by my side.
But I was a fool,
To treat her so cruel.
I might have kept her if I really tried.

Verse 3:
If only I could have spent more time with him.
If only I could have been more sensitive.
But I miss him/her so!
Why did he/she have to go?
Without him, how can I now really live?

(Musical interlude)


Can’t you see how much I love you my dear!
Can’t he realize how much that I do really care!

(Musical interlude)

Verse 4:

For only you could be right for me,
And I don’t care what you might have done.
We can work this out.
We can’t sit here and pout.
You are my love, my true and only one!

Verse 5:
I promise I’ll love you more and more.
I’ll be you love ‘til my dying day.
For we were meant to be.
Will you please forgive me?
You’ll be with me, never far away,

If only we believe!

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