Eyes of Midnight

Written By David E. Young , 2003
On a wonderful day,
Much like today,
I turned and saw your eyes.

I could not turn back
Upon my way
When seeing those midnight eyes.

In them, I saw
Hope and such beauty.
I felt I had nothing to say.

So I found something pretty
That you wore on that day,
And complimented, come what may.

You smiled up at me,
And how your eyes shined
And sparkled, oh so wondrous!

I was taken aback.
For I did not know
That angels were among us.

But, shy as I am,
I just told some jokes
And watched that glimmer continue.

And the more that I saw
Of those dark yet bright spheres,
The less I wanted to leave you.

I could not admit,
Just straight to your face,
That your beauty simply astounds me,

And so I now write
Of those wondrous eyes,
That, by God’s grace, for a moment, had found me.
Eyes of Midnight © 2003 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.