Written By David E. Young , 2002
Autumn approaches, quiet and sweet
Summer is ending, along with its heat

Flowers are giving 'way to good fruit
The harvest machines are ready to boot

The leaves on the trees are turning from green
To orange, brown, and yellow and dark tangerine

The days all grow shorter as evenings stay warm
The mockingbird's twill's no longer forlorn

Children are studying for their new class
Adults are all working; shopping for Christmas

The birds fly in "V's" across the vast sky
Making sweet songs as Southward they fly

Yes, here it is; the Fall is here
May we enjoy its beauty each year

Its colors, its laughs, its joys, its tears
As the beautiful path to Winter it clears
Autumn © 2002 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.