An Election Day Story

Written By David E. Young , 2002
The air, electric with anticipation.
The people, all prepared.
Offices, taxes and school bonds
Were yet to be declared.

The governor, who no one liked,
Was spending all his money
Against another man who had
Lied as sweet as honey.

The doors finally slid open
In the city's precincts.
Lines soon formed as people voted,
Going with their instincts.

But, alas! Before too long,
People were turned back!
In confusion, they soon learned
That ballots were in lack!

"You mean you don't have ballots
for every single voter?"
Angry people asked so loud
Of the poor volunteer.

A hundred precincts all ran out
Of every single ballot,
While large crowds of would-be voters
Waited in the fall-out.

The precincts tried to order more
As the lines grew longer.
Meantime, results from other cities
Just seemed to grow stronger.

Voters waited patiently
As their turns were passed,
Wanting to express the right
To make a change at last.

Many finally went home, 
Not having what is so
Important in America:
The choice of "yes" or "no".

So, what caused this big disaster
On election day?
Why did so many voters not
Get to have their say?

The head of planning for the polls
Guessed how many people
Would or would not show and vote,
And the guess was feeble.

When more people did show up
Than the man has guessed,
There were not any ballots left
To fulfill their quest.

This can not have ever happened
If the man in charge
Had done as all our laws say to
In handling polls at large.

There would have been a ballot ready
For every registered
Voter, and when some missed out,
There still would be no fester.

But San Francisco, stubborn, staunch,
Chose to violate
The laws, and so, once again,
They found it out too late.

And now, how many citizens
Lost their voice that day?
What changes of the future were
Affected on this day?

There were many close-call races
During this election.
How much could have been the difference
With every single person?

We may never know.
An Election Day Story © 2002 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.